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The Moose wanders around different sites to find below-retail discounts on wireless phones and devices. Your savings can be substantial!  Get the phone you want for the lowest price the Moose can find. Deals change, so visit the Moose again. The Moose also specialized in deals on phones optimized for Seniors.  We also feature wireless replacements for your home phone.  Dump your landline and save big bucks...still using the same number, the same phones, and with Long Distance and all your calling features included!

The Moose shops the way you do.  We shop around at several sources for wireless devices and plans and connect you to the best deals we can find.  You could shop at the wireless carriers themselves and hope you've got the best deal.  Or, you can check all the deals found at The Moose and know you're getting the best deal.  You see, the Moose doesn't sell anything directly, so we can be totally unbiased.  While we don't get paid for any recommendations, we do get a commission if you buy from one of our affiliates. However, we connect you to the best deals regardless of whether or not we have a relationship with them.  Yes, we also include links to the major wireless carriers so you can be sure not to miss a great promotional deal.

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